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In a rapidly changing world, we have the expertise to help the global financial system finance the world’s to do list and achieve the SDGs.

About Us

International Financial Consulting is a boutique firm of global experts working with development finance institutions around the world on a wide range of challenges, from strategy and governance to the design and marketing of financial instruments. We combine senior expertise with data-driven insights and customized advisory services to help our clients realize their full potential as catalysts for development, trade, and economic growth.

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Our people, our advantage

Our team of international experts is why clients recommend us. We combine unparalleled expertise and thought leadership on trade and development finance with practical hands-on experience.

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We know what it takes to run successful public-policy based institutions. Our core competency is in institutional development, including strategic planning, evaluation, policy formulation and programming, product innovation, governance systems and risk management.

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We have extensive experience across all areas of development finance, including trade, export and investment, development finance and climate finance. Our expert team brings a unique combination of deep knowledge and expert perspectives to our client’s challenges, offering fresh ideas and breakthrough insights.

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