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Since 2000

Better Institutions, Better Outcomes


It’s a rapidly changing world, and we have the expertise to help our clients keep up.

International Financial Consulting Ltd.’s mission is to enhance the capacity and performance of development finance institutions, funds and facilities through provision of advisory services and the application of complementary diagnostic and analytical tools. We combine high-quality research, targeted consultations and the firm’s own expertise to deliver value to the client, with integrity and  respectful candor, which are our core values.




World Exchange Plaza  |  P.O. Box 81119  |  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 1B1

Tel: +1-613-742-7829, ext. 21


Areas of Practice

International best practices in operations of development banks and financial institutions

Institutional analysis to develop and enhance governance and risk management systems

BENCH-MARKING performance against your peer institutions

Designing catalytic financial products, including climate finance

Analysis to inform policy formulation and programming for optimizing your development mandate

Health Diagnostic Tool to measure your institution's overall health

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