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We know what it takes to run successful public-policy based institutions. Our core competency is in institutional development, including strategic planning, evaluation, policy formulation and programming, product innovation, governance systems and risk management. 

Our team has extensive practical experience in applying international best practices to tailor solutions to the unique national and regional circumstances of the client, taking into account the position of all stakeholders operating in the market. 

From highly developed to least developed economies, we have undertaken numerous institutional and program evaluations and strategic reviews that inform policy formulation and effective programming within these institutions and enhance their governance and risk management structures and systems. 

We conduct benchmarking exercises to assess performance against peer institutions, applying our Health Diagnostic Tool© to measure overall institutional health.

Our firm also provides expertise to define and assess market gaps in the area of access to finance or risk capital. For the client, this can be quite challenging as market gaps may be widespread or very specific to a customer, or a sector or a country, requiring a unique approach. We utilize proprietary analytical frameworks to effectively map out the market of interest and subsequently develop catalytic products and programs or design funds and facilities that address the issues identified.

Where we excel

Strategy and business plan development:

We are a leading consulting firm in the areas of strategy and business plan development. Utilizing our proprietary strategic planning framework, Full Potential, we have led institutions all over the world through the process of developing vision-based corporate strategies so they can better serve private sector clients, mobilize capital, maintain strong portfolios, and achieve a lasting development impact.  We help institutions translate high-level strategies into practical implementation plans by providing a full gamut of professional services, from financial modelling to resource allocation, that position our clients to achieve their objectives and reach their full institutional potential. Our structured approach, which draws on proven methods to create ownership, collaboration and a clear direction forward, supports the achievement of our clients’ long-term goals by integrating results-focused measurement and evaluation practices into their core strategic framework.

Institutional development:

Our team has wide-ranging experience, and deep expertise, working with development banks, Export Credit Agencies, and Exim banks around the world to help strengthen their organizations. We assist our clients with the implementation of best practices in governance, management and operations, to help ensure that Boards, management and employees are internally aligned with their National Development Plans and organizational mandates. We conduct comprehensive diagnostics to assess organizational performance across key dimensions, such as governance, risk management, and financial returns, and design effective programs that are tailored to client organizations and optimizing their effectiveness.

Program and Product Design:

We advise clients all over the world on the design, development, and enhancement of their financial instruments, from loans and guarantees, to insurance, grants, and equity-based products. Our team of experts use detailed diagnostics to define market needs, combining that with an evaluation of our client’s goals and capacity, to structure new products that address market gaps and turn public policy directives into pragmatic and effective financial solutions. With a background in feasibility studies, and expertise in complex financial mechanisms, we bring exceptional value, insight, and precision to the design of our clients’ products and programs.

  • Risk and Financial Management:

  • Credit, operational, market risks

  • Portfolio Management

At International Financial Consultants, we understand that simply tracking activities is no longer sufficient for client organizations looking to determine their effectiveness. Development institutions today are held accountable for their impact, and not only for how funds are spent.  Our monitoring and evaluation services enable clients to tell their impact story, report on outcomes, and make data-driven decisions using key indicators, expert analysis, and sound methodologies. We also help our clients foster a culture of continuous learning in which projects, and their underlying assumptions, are routinely evaluated. Tailoring our approach to client needs, and relying on best practices and a deep knowledge of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods, we help our clients improve the development impact of their organization, products, and programs.


Benchmarking is an essential tool for our clients, allowing them to gauge their business processes and performance against leading financial institutions and industry best practices. These comparisons help organizations highlight important gaps in their operations across a wide range of dimensions, identifying where work is most needed to meet international standards on everything from policy and system design to implementation, leadership, and staff training. We know that applying best practices does not equate to a one-size-fits-all approach, which can do more harm than good. That’s why our analysis and recommendations for improving institutional performance are always based on integrating applicable standards with an intimate understanding of the unique context of each of our client organizations.


In today’s fast-paced world of global finance, senior executives are routinely called on to make high-stakes decisions on complex issues within compressed time frames. For the senior members of our client organizations, the need for an accessible and trusted advisor has never been greater. From directors and CEOs to other members of the C-Suite, client decision-makers look to us for senior counsel on a wide range of technical, operational, and strategic issues. Our reliable and confidential service is available on-call to clients seeking advice, or simply a sounding board, to make the best possible executive decisions – whenever the need arises.



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