Senior Consultant

Purpose and Position Summary:

The Senior Consultant supports the activities of the company in areas of business development, Project execution, and corporate development initiatives. They are a motivated self-starter, continuously cultivating an ability to identify, communicate and develop practical solutions. They are committed to working in a team environment and providing leadership as needed to ensure client expectations are met and exceeded. The Senior Consultant will mentor and guide a strong and capable team of consultants, both core and external. Key to success will be meeting the demands of the business, through delivering project results at the level required to produce the highest quality output and supporting new business opportunities.

Core Areas of Accountability:

Project Management

  • Manages projects to meet quality standards to budget and agreed timelines with minimal supervision from the Project Executive Oversight for smaller projects.
  • Negotiates new contracts and opportunities with oversight from management team
  • Leads in organizing the project within timelines that meet client expectations and availability of team resources and support work plan development as required
  • Leads project team before, during, and after in-country missions, joining missions as needed and organizing meetings and logistics for project team consultants
  • Documents project progress by using project management software to establish, track and monitor project deliverables and timeframes
  • Ensures profitability of projects by managing to budget
  • Monitors and manages client interactions as needed to ensure each communication touchpoint demonstrates unified messaging
  • Organizes and motivates project teams, managing consultant relationships and performance, providing onboarding and support as needed, directing project teams through the project lifecycle
  • Keeps knowledge and information flowing seamlessly throughout relevant stakeholders (IFCL internal Projects unit, projects team, consultants, clients, etc.)
  • Leads in actively analyzing and managing project risks
  • Organizes and participates in project meetings and document the minutes, as required
  • Follows data management and project closing procedures for each project to enable clean archiving of project files.
  • Ensures client invoicing is performed in a timely manner in keeping with firm procedures; tracks invoicing based on project progress.
  • Identifies new and better ways to manage and complete projects (such as new applications, process flows).

Project Delivery

  • Utilizes technical knowledge to design, structure, format and prepare high quality presentations, reports and other deliverables to IFCL standards with targeted supervision
  • Conducts research and analysis for project outputs
  • Organizes inputs from internal and external consultants, reviews inputs and provides feedback on quality of technical content and supports projects team to enhance deliverables.  
  • Manages the quality assurance sign-off process and when required, asks qualified external technical resources for a quality review.

Business Development

  • Manages relationship with existing clients to foster new business development opportunities
  • Conducts regular and consistent review of business development tenders and recommend opportunities that represent good corporate fit
  • Leads and/or supports development of expressions of interest (EOIs) and proposals
  • Leads and/or supports recruitment of external team members for EOIs and proposals
  • Supports broader business development opportunities, such as identification of conferences and development of presentation materials
  • Identifies and areas of interest in strategic business development and works with Managing Director/Management Team on outreach and development of key lines of business 

Team Engagement

  • Actively participates in weekly Project Meetings, reviewing workload and addressing issues and risks as they arise
  • Demonstrates and champions IFCL’s core values and related behaviors across all aspects of team interactions and project execution

Client Relationships 

  • Manages key account client relationships and supports the Managing Director and the CEO in the development of partnerships.
  • Maintains existing relationships to generate new business and develops new relationships.

Key Relationships and Interactions:

  • Reports to the Director of Projects
  • Key collaborators: Project Executive Oversight (EO), Business Development unit, Corporate Development unit
  • Key external interactions: clients, external technical experts (consultants)

Definitions of Success:

Team Satisfaction and Accountability – Feedback from consulting teams during and post-project indicate expectations were met or exceeded. Feedback from IFCL core team members on tasks related to business development and corporate development is positive and indicate an openness to learn and support various initiatives. Communication flows seamlessly and there is accountability to all IFCL stakeholders - from colleagues to management to external consultants to clients.

Quality Standards – Delivers the highest quality standards on each project and task assigned, from set-up through coordination of teamwork, to the quality of the final product to an outstanding client experience.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation – Continues to refine the project management process and build and innovate on various outputs, encouraging growth and development. Improvements are being realized in workflow efficiencies and effectiveness.

Project Management Excellence – Projects and tasks are completed within timelines set, and if extensions are required, the appropriate communication and approvals are in place. Documents are where they are supposed to be, all updates are recorded, and all parties involved are informed of project status at all times.


The Person: 

The ideal candidate will bring the following background and experience:

  • A senior consultant and project manager with entrepreneurial drive and solid industry background, an established network, and ideally global experience.  Demonstrated success growing and leading expert teams working on projects of international scope and impact
  • 5+ years of relevant industry experience in consulting, international development, or project management
  • Demonstrated experience in managing expert teams on projects of international scope and impact
  • Knowledge and understanding of one or more thematic areas such as climate finance, development finance, trade finance or ESG is an asset
  • Proven ability to develop quality, client-ready deliverables – capable of ensuring that the entire output reaches IFCL high quality standards
  • Successfully recruited, developed and led project professionals with primary accountability for team performance and outcomes
  • Strong people skills and ability to manage multiple relationships and build trust and capacity around them
  • Advanced organizational and management skills required to coordinate and direct the talent, process, and expertise needed for any project, regardless of the scope and complexity

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