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Full Potential Framework

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Full Potential© is a proprietary strategic framework designed by our team to help financial institutions define their vision and develop a detailed plan or road map for achieving their full potential. The framework is particular useful in undertaking hands-on institutional development, in two manners: (i) supporting entities with pre-existing strategies on enhancing these strategies and operationalizing them; or (ii) supporting new institutions on crafting a long-term vision and mission and an appropriate immediate to medium-term strategy and implementation plan directed at ensuring the full realization of the long-term objectives. 

Full Potential© plays a significant role in undertaking diagnostic reviews and assessing the suitability and effectiveness of existing strategies. The framework calls for a gap analysis against best practices in the area of interest combined with a consideration of the client’s unique national circumstances. The findings from this exercise will inform recommendations on enhancing this strategy or developing a new one. The framework continues to play a crucial role in the subsequent implementation of a strategy by ensuring all moving parts are coordinated and accountable.