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September 2018 -
The website of the 2018 Legislative Review of Export Development Canada (EDC) is now live. International Financial Consulting Ltd. was selected by Global Affairs Canada to undertake the legislative review of Expert Development Canada on its behalf. The Review supports the statutory obligation, and will assess EDC’s ongoing evolution and its capacity to keep pace with the competitive dynamics and demands of international trade.

June 2018 - 
Jennifer Loewen, Director, International Financial Consulting Ltd., was a panel moderator at the IfTI Global Symposium: Financing. Impact. Together. This two-day event, organized by the Institute for Trade and Innovation (IfTI), was held on June 19 & 20, 2018 in Gengenbach, Germany.

April 2018 - 
Diana Smallridge, President of International Financial Consulting Ltd., moderated two sessions on “Catalyzing strategic alliances between export credit agencies and MDBs to address commercial and political risks” at the Private Sector Forum held during the43rd Annual Meeting of the Islamic Development Bank , held in Tunis on April 3rd, 2018.

February 2018 - 
Diana Smallridge, President of International Financial Consulting Ltd., and Michael Collins, Senior Director, Development Banking, attended the Annual Meeting of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific to accept the ADFIAP award for Human Capital Development Projects. IFCL received the award for its successful institutional development project with Uganda Development Bank Ltd. Ms. Smallridge also participated as a panelist at the meetings which were focused on the theme "Promoting Inclusive & Sustainable Development—Role of DFIs”. This two-day event, was held in New Delhi, India on February 20-22, 2018.

October 2017 - Michael Collins, Senior Director, Development Banking, will be chairing a session on "Sustaining Economic Growth with Social Consciences - Modalities of the New Era", at the upcoming International CEO Forum 2017. The Forum is being organized in collaboration with Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) and Association of National Development Finance Institutions in Member Countries of the Islamic Development Bank (ADFIMI) to be held a the InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on October 24-26, 2017.

September 2017 - Diana Smallridge was a panelist at the Global Symposium on Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) with the theme "Balancing Sustainability and Social Mandate: Development Banks in a New World”. This two-day event, organized by the World Bank Group and Bank Negara Malaysia, was held on September 19 and 20, 2017, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

February 2017 - Diana Smallridge chairs the 27th Annual Conference on Export Credit and Political Risk, held on February 28 and March 1 at the Hilton Tower Bridge, London, England, where she gave an interview to Katharine Morton entitled the 60 second interview. See article here.

May 2015 - Diana Smallridge was a guest speaker at the 38th ADFIAP Annual Meeting “DFIs & Sustainable Infrastructure: Policy Framework, Operational Best Practices and Challenges”, hosted by the Vietnam Development Bank, on May 13-15, 2015 in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

February 2015 - Diana Smallridge chairs the 25th Annual Global Convention Export Credit Conference held on February 23 & 24 at the Millennium Hotel London Mayfair, London, England.

January 2015 - Diana Smallridge developed and participated in a workshop on Climate Finance and Development Finance Institutions in Asia and the Pacific: Catalyzing Investment in Climate Friendly Infrastructure on 19-20 January 2015 at ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines.

September 2014 - Diana Smallridge presented at the second Annual Venture Capital Conference under the theme: TOWARDS A DYNAMIC ECOSYSTEM: linking capital, innovation, entrepreneurship for growth, hosted by the Development Bank of Jamaica Limited on September 9 and 10, 2014 in Kingston, Jamaica.

April 2014 - Diana Smallridge presented at the Global Donors Forum 2014 - Celebrating Philanthropy in Emerging Economies, hosted by WCMP (World Congress of Muslim Philanthropist), on April 14-16, 2014 in Washington, DC.

April 2014 - Diana Smallridge presented at the 37th ADFIAP Annual Meeting and International SME Forum, hosted by Vnesheconombank, on April 23 to 25, 2014 in Moscow, Russia.

February 2014 - Diana Smallridge chaired the 24th Annual Global Convention Export Credit Conference held on February 26 & 27 at the Hilton London Tower Bridge, London, England.

October 2013 - International Financial Consulting Ltd. leads the coordination of 25 Development Finance Institutions to harmonize development tracking indicators for private sector development operations.(.PDF format)

February 2013 - Diana Smallridge chaired the 23rd Annual Global Convention Insuring Export Credit & Political Risk held on February 27 & 28 at the Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel, England.

November 2012 - Diana Smallridge was the Keynote Speaker at the AMAN UNION of Islamic Export Credit Agencies at their 3rd Annual Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on November 21, 2012 hosted by Export-Import Bank of Malaysia (MEXIM).

October 2012 - Diana Smallridge participated as a panelist in the XV Inter-American Forum on Microenterprise - Foromic, held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre in Bridgetown, Barbados, on October 1 - 3, 2012.

June 2012 - International Financial Consulting Ltd., in collaboration with the Turku School of Economics, was engaged by the Ministry of the Economy and Employment (MEE) to evaluate Finnvera’s activities, structures and strategies with regards to its stated purpose, goals and considering international best practices. This evaluation resulted in recommendations designed to carry Finnvera successfully through the next decade. The published report can be read here.

May 2012 - Diana Smallridge visits Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC) in Saudi Arabia.

April 2012 - Diana Smallridge presents "National Development Banks: Potential Heroes of Climate Finance" at the "Role of National Development Banks in Mobilizing International Climate Finance” workshop in Washington D.C., April 18-19. Her presentation can be watched here. (Starts at 33:15)

March 2012 - International Financial Consulting Ltd’s report, Short term trade finance and credit insurance in the EU, is published by the European Commission. 

February 2012 - Diana Smallridge chairs the 22st Annual Global Convention Insuring Export Credit & Political Risk held on February 29th - March 1st in London, England.

December 2011 - International Financial Consulting Ltd., working alongside the University of Turku, is chosen by Finland's Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE) to conduct an external evaluation of Finnvera, a specialized financing company and official Export Credit Agency of Finland. The project is expected to be completed mid-year 2012. Learn more about Finnvera here.

August 2011 - Ms. Diana Smallridge presented on “Enhancing SME Capacity of Managing the Risks Associated with Trade Liberalization” at the APEC Symposium held in Taipei on August 17, 2011.

June 2011 - International Financial Consulting Ltd undertakes a study on short-term credit insurance within the European Union for the European Comission. The press release and call for contributions is available here.

April 2011 - Ms. Diana Smallridge speaks at the World Bank Financial & Private Sector Development Forum in Washington D.C. as member of the panel, “Development Banks: Which Models Work in Emerging Market Economies?” (Question and response begins at 22:46)

May 2011 - Ms. Diana Smallridge speaks on "The Renaissance of Development Banks" at the Warsaw Public Banking Conference: The Role of Development Banks in the European Economy sponsored by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) in cooperation with the European Association of Public Banks (EAPB).

March 2011 - Diana Smallridge chairs the 21st Annual Global Convention Insuring Export Credit & Political Risk in London, England.

January 2011 - Diana Smallridge, with the support of Werner Claes, co-authors the white paper, "A Health Diagnostic Tool for Public Development Banks" with Fernando de Olloqui for Inter-American Development Bank.

November 2010 - Canada's Venture Capital & Private Equity Association publishes the document drafted by International Financial Consulting Ltd. called "Think Canada Again," a strategy document designed to inform International institutional investors about Canada’s lucrative investment potential in the private equity and venture capital market.

Project Awards

June 2018

The Development Bank of Nigeria, a newly established DFI for MSMEs in Nigeria, contracted International Financial Consulting Ltd. to co-develop a 5-year strategic plan and financial model. As part of this, International Financial Consulting Ltd. will facilitate a Board strategy retreat and perform an analysis of the Nigerian MSME ecosystem, major domestic and global trends, and diagnostic assessment of the bank.

May 2018

International Financial Consulting Ltd. has been engaged to assist in the development of an Institutional Strategic Plan for the North American Development Bank - a bi-national development bank focused environmental infrastructure projects that preserve, protect and enhance the environment in the U.S./Mexico Border Region.

May 2018

International Financial Consulting Ltd. has been engaged by the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) of Belize to facilitate the development of its 2018-2021 Business Plan. Acting in an advisory capacity, International Financial Consulting Ltd. will support DFC’s vision of "providing world-class, high impact, innovative and inclusive financial services” through building awareness on the impactful role development banks are playing in charting the course of development in emerging economies and initiatives required for DFC to assume that role.

September 2017

African Development Bank (AfDB) has contracted our firm to develop and upgrade procedure manuals and operating guidelines for the Bank´s unfunded trade finance instruments based on a thorough assessment of its currents operations as well as practices of other MDB´s trade finance programmes. The objective of the consultancy is to strengthen its trade finance middle and back office operations and to facilitate the introduction of a new trade finance instrument.

September 2017

International Financial Consulting Ltd. has been engaged by the Social Security Board of Belize to develop aStrategic plan and complementary action plan for the period of 2018-2022, supporting the achievement of institutional effectiveness and efficiency to deliver on its legal mandate.

August 2017

The Caribbean Development Bank retained International Financial Consulting Limited to assist in the preparation of two Project Completion Validation Reports (PCVRs).

August 2017

International Financial Consulting Ltd. and Offenburg University were engaged by the Norwegian Export Credit Agency, GIEK, to create a benchmark report assessing global trends in export finance and in the Export Credit Agency (ECAs) marketplace and to analyse GIEK’s mandate, as well as other ECAs’ strategies, clients, products and market approach.

July 2017

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was retained by the East African Development Bank to carry out a Comprehensive Review and Update of the Operational & Market Risk Management Framework, in compliance with international best practices. The aim of the assignment is to ensure that all of the bank’s risk management practices are maintained at best market practice standards and in line with the bank’s strategy.

May 2017

The Inter-American Development Bank engaged International Financial Consulting Ltd. to develop a concept note exploring the role of a public bank and whether it can be both profitable and efficient while taking an active social role. The paper was presented at the 47th Annual meeting of the Association of Latin American Development Banks (ALIDE) in Santiago, Chile on May 31, 2017.

May 2017

International Financial Consulting Ltd. and Offenburg University were engaged by EKF, Denmark's Export Credit Agency, to create a benchmarking report assessing global trends in trade finance and export credit insurance and to analyse other Export Credit Agencies’ (ECAs’) strategies, organisation, client base, products, risk approach and premiums.

April 2017

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged to provide training to Canadian Trade Commissioners. The course was entitled “Understanding International Trade Financing Options for Canadian Businesses” and was designed to equip Trade Commissioners with the capacity to provide basic counsel in the area of trade finance to Canadian exporters at each stage of the export transaction cycle.

April 2017

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged by the Asian Development Bank to support the State Bank of Pakistan and the Pakistani government in designing the business plan and future course of EXIM Bank of Pakistan. Part of the work included in-depth market research, including an online survey and in-depth interviews with national exporters and local financial institutions. The project included a peer analysis with EXIM banks in emerging markets and the facilitation of broad stakeholder consultations in Pakistan.

March 2017

As per its mandate, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) was seeking to build climate finance capacity within the Department to support Canadian companies to access opportunities in climate finance. International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged to lead a roundtable discussion with key stakeholders, identifying specific gaps in Canadian private sector knowledge of international climate finance and the support/services required by industry to improve access to climate finance opportunities.

February 2017

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to prepare a methodology note explaining how the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) calculate and jointly report private investment mobilization. This methodology note was distributed alongside the first joint report on MDB Private Investment Mobilization and Cofinancing.

February 2017

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was commissioned by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) to conduct research and present a report on a select group of key export credit agency and export finance banks’ strategies. The study included an overview of the export agencies’ activities and operations over the past five years in several Latin American countries, as well as their newly introduced facilities or schemes.

December 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was commissioned by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) of Belize to undertake the preparation of a five-year Strategic Plan for both PACT and the National Protected Areas System (NPAS), which is administered and managed by PACT. The Plan was consolidated after the preparation of the Institutional Assessment and NPAS Strategic Plan which respectively, provided recommendations for PACT’s institutional capacity building, and specific requirements of PACT to facilitate the implementation of the National Protected Areas System Plan. The assignment involved extensive stakeholder consultations with relevant stakeholders.

December 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged by the Bahamas Customs and Excise Department to conduct both a mid-term and final evaluation of an Inter-American Development Bank-funded program to improve the operational efficiency of the Customs and Excise Department and to prepare the Government of The Bahamas for accession to the World Trade Organization. The mid-term evaluation assessed the implementation of planned project activities and outputs against actual results and included an initial evaluation of project impact, sustainability and execution performance. The evaluation also was tailored to help identify major bottlenecks, make recommendations on how to address them, and update the risk analysis. International Financial Consulting Ltd. will conduct the final evaluation in 2018 or 2019.

November 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was retained by the ECOWAS Bank of Investment and Development (EBID) to undertake an institutional study of its visibility and positioning in the West African marketplace. A major component of this was examining in greater detail the positioning of the bank as it relates to its business model and long-term financial sustainability, following on a previous assignment that International Financial Consulting Ltd. undertook to examine the way the Bank prices its loans to private sector borrowers. The work resulted in an internal and external positioning strategy that enabled much greater visibility for the Bank.

October 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged by Uganda Development Bank Limited (UDBL) to complete an Institutional Development Program that involved the delivery of a detailed Institutional Assessment Report and a comprehensive Institutional Enhancement Plan (IEP) based on gaps identified between UDBL’s performance and international best practices. The IEP provided recommendations and a road-map for enhancing every aspect of the institution, including: governance, strategy, HR, credit and risk management, environment and social management, MIS, products, monitoring and evaluation, and development impact. The team then supported the implementation of recommended enhancements by delivering new manuals, policies, training, a new org chart, job descriptions, risk model, and other support.

September 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd., in association with Antitrust & TradeRx GmbH (ATRx) and Northumbria University (NU), was commissioned to assess the operation, impact and risks of the officially supported export financing system and the state guarantee granted for the fund acquisition of export credits in Finland. The assignment comprised the following: 1) the assessment of selected aspects of Finnvera’s export financing operations; 2) a discussion of the impact of export financing and adequacy of assessments; 3) a risk assessment of export financing including the state guarantees; and 4) the development of conclusions and recommendations.

August 2016

The Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) engaged International Financial Consulting Ltd. to facilitate the 2016 Board and Management retreats and to assist in the development of its 2017/18‐2020/21 Corporate Strategy. The assignment included the development of a detailed implementation plan, and revision of key performance indicators in support of strategy execution.

August 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. engaged by Africa Trade Insurance (ATI) to develop a 5-year Corporate Strategy. The Strategic Plan presented to the Board looked at a variety of new strategies to position ATI as the leading trade credit and investment insurer for Africa. The assignment looked at how ATI could be organized, and defined what strategic initiatives would need to be pursued to accommodate ATI’s growth.

August 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged by the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) to develop and implement a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to measure development impact. This included the development of a Theory of Change across the organisation, as well as indicators to measure across the results chain. In addition, the assignment included the development of tools for data collection, and a review of the bank’s technology capacity to implement tools, systems and databases.

July 2016

Antitrust & TradeRx GmbH (ATRx), along with International Financial Consulting Ltd., were commissioned to support the strategy development for Export Credit Guarantee Agency (ECGA) of Oman. The assignment comprised: an analysis and diagnostic, including strategic, business, financial and organisational performance; development of strategic directions for ECGA on the basis of existing frameworks, ECGA’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external and internal environment; and a 5-Year Strategy including vision, mission, strategic objectives, critical success factors and key initiatives, building on a basic Balanced Scorecard.

July 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was contracted by the Inter-American Development Bank and Belize’ Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to undertake a corporate-wide Strategic Planning exercise, whereby a main pillar is to ‘position the DFC as a key player in supporting sustainability and the environment within Belize’.

June 2016

As an insurance company offering Political Risk (PRI) and Credit Risk Insurance (CRI), Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC) was seeking to review and update its technical reserves methodology using an actuarial valuation. ICIEC commissioned International Financial Consulting Ltd. to: review the existing data and the current methodology for calculating technical reserves; review the approach by comparators in the PRI and CRI industry; identify potential options for calculating technical reserves and recommend improvements to make the system more robust; and develop a model for calculating technical reserves.

June 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged by Afreximbank to support the development and implementation of a new guarantee program, called the Afreximbank Guarantee Program (or “AFGAP”). AFGAP brings an expansion of Afreximbank's product offering into unfunded products, so that it can become the “trade finance supermarket” of Africa. Our assignment included design of products, assessment of resource requirements to roll-out new products, marketing plan, analysis of capital implications, as well as design of a development impact framework. The work culminated with a bank-wide training course.

March 2016

International Financial Consulting Ltd. was retained to develop a new 10-year strategy and a medium-term plan of action for the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC). As a subsidiary of the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDBG), ITFC’s strategy achieved coherence with the 10-year vision for the IDBG. The performance measurement system designed for ITFC included KPIs that could be rolled into IDBG’s scorecard.

February 2016

Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), as a follow-on contract, hired our firm to review and recommend the most suitable organizational structure for the DBJ to enable its effective execution of the Bank’s new strategic objectives that were developed in October 2015 for the next five years starting from the 2016/17 Financial year.

January 2016

Following the initial phase concluded in late 2015, International Financial Consulting Ltd. was engaged by the CCF technical working group, through the World Bank, to support data capture of 2015 own climate finance and CCF flows for all working group members, including World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank.

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