Optimizing Development Finance Levers to Meet the 2030 SDGs: Recommendations Report

Canada has an significant role to play in supporting the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as one of the most important donor governments. These governments need to take a more strategic approach to increase their impact and influence. This report, which follows on from the Optimizing Development Finance Levels to Meet the 2030 SDGs: Scoping Report, speaks to how Canada can be better positioned to unlock additional funding at the international level.

IFCL presents a series of recommendations for Canada framed through the Integrated National Financing Framework (INFFs). The four quadrants of the INFFs categorize the sources of development funding that can be harnessed to meet the SDGs. There are different potential financing initiatives that Canada can prioritize and pursue to help unlock funding for developing countries.

This report was supported by the Gates Foundation. 

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