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Root Cause Analysis

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International Financial Consulting Ltd., over the past 14 years, has developed a logic-based evaluations approach that enables out team to identify the leading Root Causes© that are the underlying generator(s) of impact. This four-step approach, enables our team to build a succinct understanding of the underlying root cause of any trend, market gap, institutional shortfall or other issue pertinent to a development finance institution. 

The Root Causes© approach relies first on logical attribution of cause and effect relationships and other statistical analysis. Through this analytical framework, our team is able to identify the key dynamics and interactions among the array of variables contributing to the overall topic of study. By first organizing variables into common categories, the team is then able to draw out drivers and inhibitors common among same category variables. We then use a normative statement "test and retest" system to determine the order of causality, thereby determining the one or two root causes underlying the topic of study.