Michael Collins

Senior Advisor, Risk and Governance

Michael Collins is an experienced development and banking risk professional with demonstrated leadership in all risk disciplines (Credit, Market, Operational, Emerging) and control functions (Finance, Compliance, Regulatory, Technology) and is committed to the opportunities in economically emerging regions. As Senior Advisor, Finance, Risk and Governance at IFCL, Michael provides project leadership and technical support in every area of institutional development.

Professional Highlights

  • Led revision of credit policies and procedures for Uganda Development Bank, part of an award-winning institutional development program

  • Senior Advisor for an institutional strategy development project with Development Bank of Nigeria

  • Led development of Investment Strategy and Implementation Plan for Social Security Board of Belize

  • Serves as Chair and Non-Executive Board Director at Vision Fund International (Serbia and Montenegro)

  • Presented on ‘the role of Public Development Bank’s: Can a bank be both profitable and efficient while playing a social role’ at the 2017 47th annual ALIDE general assembly

  • Executed operational Control Environment reviews, forensic audits, regulatory risk mitigation programmes, and led the campaign to certify a North American universal bank as a Primary Dealer at the U.S. Federal Reserve during the financial crisis

Outside of International Financial Consulting Ltd.

Mr. Collins has a diverse background including roles as Deputy Head, USA, and COO of the World’s Safest Universal Bank (Global Finance, 2014), and in Europe previous to this. With more than 25 years in banking and investment banking in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada he has been the primary regulatory contact in three jurisdictions, under seven regulatory bodies, and has led global regulatory compliance programmes in developed and developing countries. He has extensive experience in Risk systems, Board Governance, resiliency and international Capital regimes, including first-hand experience in the Basel Accords, Quantitative analytics, Capital adequacy, Stress testing, and Resolution planning. He has executed forensic audits and risk mitigation programmes following trading irregularities, and led the campaign to certify a North American universal bank as a Primary Dealer at the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis.

Mr. Collins also served as the Chair and Non-Executive Board Director at a Top Ranked Microfinance Institution, Vision Fund (Forbes, 2015). He has advised a capacity building programme at a South East Asian Central Bank, as the national regulatory body, in order to develop, train and implement international regulatory standards for banking and banking supervision. Michael has also undertaken capacity building at a large Asian commercial bank on matters of credit risk modelling, and he is currently advising in the field of Development Impact Bonds in order to raise capital for education programmes in Africa and health initiatives in Central America.

Holding a degree in Economics from the University of Toronto, Michael Collins has also studied at the Munk School of Global Affairs, and has several executive accreditations in leadership, risk management, and complex negotiations at Richard Ivey, Harvard and Wharton.