Rizwana Shaikh

Manager, Communications and Marketing

Rizwana is a motivated digital marketer specializing in content writing, graphic design, SEO and communication strategies. With a background in journalism, she understands intent and how to create content for humans and Google alike. She takes a deep dive into content to bring complex ideas and information to the audience in a digestible and entertaining format, whether that be for blog writing, website copy, email campaigns, print copy, or social media channels.

Having worked in a leadership role over the past four years, she knows how to help create an environment where all team members can build upon their skills, meet multiple project deadlines, and execute on strategic business growth goals. Her marketing and communications strategies are focused on effective techniques to bring messages in front of the right audience to meet client goals.


  • Led a team of marketing professionals to triple business leads within one year with an inbound marketing content strategy at ABM College

  • Created SEO blogs that ranked on page one in Google search results after a week of publishing

  • Developed an E-mail campaign to revived old leads from over a year ago, with an 80% open rate

  • Created and launched an internal newsletter that enhanced internal business communications and team culture

  • Managed a team of 6 professionals to became trendsetters in the higher education marketing industry

  • Created an events strategy that doubled leads for Sundance College events