Stefan Grahovac


Stefan is a motivated analyst, with a drive for conducting in-depth research, and a penchant for transforming complex subject matter into easily understood content. Stefan is interested in helping institutions facilitate global trade and engender economic development. This interest comes from the time he has spent in developing markets, seeing the various barriers to success that entrepreneurs face ranging from inadequate access to financing to stifling impediments to trade. He is also passionate about the catalytic role that public sector institutions can play in fighting climate change.

As an Analyst, Stefan plays a vital role in conducting detailed research and analysis on a range of topics related to development and trade finance. He is also responsible for the development of communications materials, ranging from the design of communications strategies to the development of online marketing content.

Professional Highlights

  • Supported in the development of a communications strategy and developed online communications materials for an Export Credit Agency (ECA)
  • Supported the development of an Annual Report of an ECA
  • Produced a compelling presentation on the merging of development finance and export finance
  • Produced a variety of pitch decks and business development materials to help grow IFCL’s business and showcase its extensive experience


Stefan is fluent in English and Serbo-Croatian. Before joining IFCL, Stefan interned at a company where he was able to develop his financial analysis skills as he conducted market research and valuation-related assessments on various companies. Stefan has also worked in Zimbabwe, where he assisted a small but growing Zimbabwean business. It was there that he discovered some of the challenges that businesses in frontier markets can face.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia with a specialization in Political Science.