Werner Claes

Senior Advisor, Banking and Risk

Werner Claes is a banker with 30 years of professional experience. Over the course of his career he has extensively covered risk management across the entire risk taxonomy, M&A, private equity and strategy in both developed and emerging markets. Currently, Werner is combining strategy and risk management consultancy work with supervisory board assignments including on behalf of multilateral financial institutions in emerging markets across Latam, Central Asia, Easter Europe and Africa.

Outside of International Financial Consulting Ltd.

As Head of International Credit, he acquired extensive experience in the domains of process organization, risk policy, systems conception and implementation both in emerging markets (Poland, Ukraine, Turkey) and in the more developed banking world (North America, Western Europe), covering in total 15 regional credit risk structures. As Head of Central Risk Management, he was very closely associated to the validation of all regulatory and economic capital models.

His education includes a Master in Interpreting Dutch-French-Russian at Iverto in Belgium; a Special Master in Business Management and a Special Master in Financial Management at Vlekho (Belgium) and a Special Master in Accountancy at EHSAL Management School (Belgium).

He is fluent in 14 languages.