Kayla Anderson

Manager, Corporate Development and Communications

Kayla Anderson works to facilitate the planning and execution of International Financial Consulting Ltd. and its respective clients' corporate development and communication strategies. Kayla has in-depth knowledge of communication and media best practices, as well as a passion for creativity and design – paying close attention to detail. As the Manager of Corporate Development and Communications, Kayla demonstrates expertise in working with development finance institutions to develop and implement communication strategies, targeting key messages and content that aid in disseminating awareness of the organization’s initiatives, performance, and impact.


  • Led a team in planning, executing, and presenting a mixed-method research project surrounding the 2015 Canadian federal election (in association with Carleton University)

  • Worked with an international team to facilitate the Global Festival of Learning academic conferences in Pune and Delhi, India

  • Completed and presented an independent research project on the importance of considering culture across communication methodology at a number of forums, including at the British High Commission in Delhi, India


Kayla brings a unique blend of background to her work – having practiced in finance, academia, and communications. In addition to her experience in the financial sector, having worked as part of Global Operations and Retail Lending at Scotiabank, Kayla has taken part in a number of communication projects worldwide. She has conducted fieldwork in India, Canada, and the U.K., in addition to coordinating and managing logistics for both virtual and in-person events across the globe. Kayla has undertaken a number of independent studies related to communication and media, presenting them at various academic forums. Kayla holds a Master’s degree in Media and Communication from Bournemouth University and a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from Carleton University.